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Thursday, 23 August 2012

SEO Consulting

Search Engine Genie Provides Professional seek engine enhancement and SEO consulting for all blazon of projects: We will appointment your website and will accommodate letters on what has to be done to accomplish top rankings and accomplish your website one of the best in seek engines.

We will accommodate the following

1. Consulting on abacus Individual Meta,Title,ALT tags will be provided to about all the pages of the site

2. Consulting on how seek engine handles activating pages and how those pages are indexed by the seek engines, If there are any articles which accomplish the URLS seek engine affable we will accommodate apprenticeship on application that too, Brace of archetype are Mod_Rewrite in PHP and XQASP doe asp web pages.

3. We will validate cipher of anniversary and every page and assay if they are seek engine friendly. We will Assay the HTML and JavaScript cipher and accommodate appointment to cleanup torn tags, boundless JavaScript and any added barrier blocks spiders may appointment as they clamber your website.

4. Checking and acceptance the centralized bond of your website is actual important as this is area you will be loosing your PageRank and relevancy.

5. We will be giving consulting on SEO copywriting for your website to get the best capacity on your pages to accompany accommodation to the pages of the site.

6. Off-page enhancement is the hotlink acceptance architecture for your website We will accommodate appointment on how to body links for you from superior sites and accomplish your website rank appropriately high. Hotlink acceptance is actual important for seek engine enhancement and seek engines reside hotlink popularity,

7. We will accomplish a Comparison assay of how you angle in affiliation to the websites of your competitors and your bazaar and accommodate a address on it.

8. Optimize for cartoon area appropriate. Every website needs some Alt tags and some enhancement for the images which we will provide

9. Keyword assay for assorted admixture of keywords if needed.

10.We will accommodate SEO consulting on Website Map pages that has to be added for your site. Website map is aswell generally alleged 'spider food'. Seek engines acquisition it actual simple to cross and basis all the website agreeable application this file. So do your users.

11. We will accord advancement on Including Robots.txt book to adviser seek engines on what to exclude from indexing. The seek engine bots usually absorb a bound time on your site. We don't wish them to decay their time indexing accidental things.

Question 1.
How continued it will yield SEO consulting for a site?
Depends on what you absolutely charge from us, you wish the accomplished website to rank or just one individual product, it is larboard to you to decide. If you feel we are the appropriate humans for you again just accord the albatross to us we will get the accomplished website advised and accomplish it rank top in the seek engines. Or if you just wish us to plan on alone brace of articles of your website again we will accommodate SEO consulting on that too.
Time taken will depend on your abstraction of the project

Question 2.
What is the position you will get through your consulting? Is it absolutely worthycoming to us?
You will definetely get a part of top 5 ranks provided you do all the changes we advance to the pages,
Ok I anticipate these descriptions will accord the answers for you, If you charge added just forward a bulletin to me, I accept listed what we will be alteration to your website to accomplish it rank high. There are added than 45 techniques involved.We accept just listed a few.

Question 3.
What about the rates?
I charge a bright account of what you absolutely need. After the conference I accept accustomed you in the aloft text, acquaint me which is acceptable for you. We can adjudge the ante accordingly.

We are actively acquainted that your business has a specific ambition admirers and we consistently accumulate this in apperception if allegory your site.

The fee for this all-embracing website assay is currently $1000 for a average sized site: -

The letters will aswell accommodate any added accordant advice and suggestions about your Web site, which ability advice it rank high. We will aswell be blessed to acknowledgment any specific questions you may accept apropos the seek engines and/or your site.

For added advice on Seek Engine Genie’s services, acquaintance us at

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