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Friday, 24 August 2012

Linking Google Analytics to Webmaster Tools

There is acceptable annual for website and blog owners who are application Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools. It is now accessible to hotlink the two articles and this ability will accredit you to apperceive which sites are bond to your site.

It is appear that as anon as you hotlink your website’s Google Analytics contour to the agnate Google Webmaster Accoutrement account, you can acquisition some quick links to admission a few Analytics appearance adapted central the Webmaster Tools. To those who may not be aware, it may be advantageous to explain how to hotlink Google Webmaster Accoutrement and Google Analytics.

Login into Google Webmaster Tools, bang 'manage' for the website you wish to hotlink to Google Analytics and again bang 'Google Analytics profile'. Select the adapted Google Analytics contour for the accurate website you accept called and bang 'save'. Once this is done, your Google Webmaster Accoutrement website contour should be affiliated to Google Analytics. Google has added antiseptic that if your website has assorted owners, again anniversary being will charge to affix the accounts individually.
You will now be in a position to apperceive which sites are bond to your website – and still more, which pages aural your website that they are bond to. Even if you feel all this abstracts already accessible aural your Google Analytics reports, the actuality is the abstracts is now abundant quicker to browse through.

The better advantage is you can in fact apperceive the keywords acclimated aural the links that are administering humans to your site. If you already into SEO, again you can admission the abounding annual by beat on 'more' and activate comparing this to the alone sites that hotlink to you and analyze the sites that are not application your keywords.
The hotlink will facilitate your accepting complete advice about your aback links – such as:
Who links to your website and application this data, you can abstraction the websites that hotlink to castigation and acquisition out how accordant and accurate they are.
You can apperceive what page on your website has best aback links. This advice will accredit you adjudge your a lot of accepted agreeable abstinent by links.
The aback links' ballast argument will acknowledge how your abstracts is linked. By apropos this advice to the agreeable of your website, you can ascertain whether or not the ballast argument for the aback links is related.
There are several added accepted aback hotlink questions for which aswell answers can be begin by advantage of this feature.
According to Google, the purpose of acceptance you to hotlink website’s Google Analytics contour to the agnate Google Webmaster Tools account, is to accredit you “view your Google Analytics Referring Pages address anon from the links to your website page in Webmaster Tools” and “access the Google Analytics Dashboard anon from the Analytics hotlink in the top larboard bar if you’re on a site-related page.”

Many analysts accept that this is alone a baby advice to the users but a big ability for Google as this will advice seek engine to apperceive who’s who in their seek for top acceptability agreeable sources on the web.
The simple actuality is Google Webmaster Accoutrement and Google Analytics are always convalescent and abacus new sets of features. But the criticism is aswell there that Google is consistently advertent to aftereffect above improvements beyond the board, but absolution the users apperceive about alone some of them.
It can even be argued that this just one added adjustment for Google to access bigger ability about webmasters who use their accoutrement and not so abundant an added accessibility to webmasters.

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